View Full Version : plane toyz car heater

08-22-2017, 09:05 AM
hi everyone i'm new to the forum and unlralights and hoping to get some info from those in the know! i have lots of questions, but will begin with my most pressing problem. i recently bought an old starflight with a 447 rotax. i got it ready and flew it 5 times last week. 5th flight carb ice on final forced me down off the grass strip. the climate here in s.e. kansas is quite conducive to carb icing in summer. the day it happened it was 83 degrees and rel humidiity 70 percent. i checked on line and found a u tube vidio installing the "plane toyz car heater" it was easily installed in the float bowl vent plug opening of the bing carb. does anyone know where i can get one? think it came in a kit with a tap drill bit and metric tap. those i dont need just the little heater. i appreciate any information y'all may have. it would be a perfect solution to my problem. my phone is 620 515 0494. also the name implies it might be something used in automotive applications. i couldn't get a really good look at it in the vidio but it resembled like automotive o2 sensor units i've seen. thanks a bunch, tommy.