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02-21-2017, 09:10 AM
If you have not seen this I wanted to share this. Its a really cool product and helps with training and just gives another level to your flying sim. You can even post your scores on-line. You can work traffic patterns at any airport or fly circuits at any airport. I can not explain all this can do. Check it out for yourself. Maybe we can start a thread showing ones scores and comparing results.

Anyway check this out for yourself and see what you think.



02-21-2017, 09:12 AM
I believe I have posted this already. If this is the case please delete this thread.

Thank you.


02-21-2017, 03:23 PM
My last flight: I can do better, or so they say...lol

Learjet 45 ended Tuesday, February 21, 2017 at 11:40
FSFlyingSchool Pro 2017 (December 15 2016)
Using: FSX
Visibility: 6.84 Miles Wind: 3 Knots

Aircraft: BOMBARDIER ID: JA-068X Airline: Flight:
Flight plan: KTAZ TO KSPI Springfield:Abraham Lincoln Capital NAV1: ISPI
Failure(s): None at landing
Failure Event(s) (Zulu Time): None
Failure Bonus:0% Flight Duration:00 Hours 29 Mins 48 Secs

Landing Score:114.64

Landing was successful in the following areas:

Good glideslope on ILS approach. [80%]
Good alignment with runway on ILS approach. [70%]
Gentle touchdown. [49 FPM]
Good landing speed - not too fast. [99 KIAS]
Wings were level.
Landed on runway surface.
Glideslope held until flare.
Good pitch control after touchdown.
Good pitch at landing. [12 degrees]
With flaps - good job. [40 degrees]
Heading aligned with runway.
Throttle(s) idle.
Good controlled final descent to touchdown.

Landing included the following problems:

Without spoilers armed - arm them before landing.
Poor steering after landing - stay on the centre line.

Definite room for improvement...

Flight Score:105.88

Flight commended in the following areas:

Smooth turns.
Nice banking.
Gear deployment at safe speed.
Comfortable G forces.
Smooth pitch control.
Flown within aircraft's maximum speed limit.
Gentle taxi turns.
Good take off steering.
Rotation was not late.
Safe taxi speed.
Smooth braking during taxi.
Smooth climb during takeoff.
Wings level near ground.
Well coordinated turns.
No stalls.
No flying dangerously close to stall speed.
Pitch not too high.
Pitch not too low.
Approach speed not too fast.
Good clearance of obstacles.

Flight included the following problems:

Exceeding flap speeds - your flaps may be damaged: have them checked.
Rapid descent - dangerous and uncomfortable.
Flaps not down on time - plan your landing next time.
Excessive speed at low altitude - several complaints have been filed.

Definite room for improvement...