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05-17-2016, 12:36 AM
My old Quicksilver's fabric has been hidden from the sun about as good as any vampire could expect and is in quite good condition, but I was wondering if there is anything on the market like a wax or coating for U.V. protection for the dacron fabric. Internet is really wacked tonight, hope this posts.

05-17-2016, 04:28 AM
Some people swear by "303 Aerospace Protectant".

Jim Heffelfinger
05-17-2016, 08:45 AM
Agree 303. Use it in the marine industry. Needs to be reapplied every 6 mo if in the sun.
any wax base breaks down pretty quickly in the sun.

05-17-2016, 11:01 AM
Most put something like this in a hangar thinking they are good to go or safe from the UV rays. Then said hangar has these transparent panels that lets light come through so one can see in said hangar. Then someone puts an Ultralight in one of these hangars thinking they are protecting there priced baby from UV rays. When in fact UV rays are coming through and can harm their priced baby over a long period of time.

If you have these panels on your hangar and put a fabric covered whatever in it, try to cover these panels to block some of these rays from coming through. Most people would be upset if you go and paint these black. So use some black plastic if nothing more then a black garbage bag hung over or in front of said panel.

Most do not think of this and neither did I. Then I listened to an on-line program that Roy did on his Sport Flying radio show a few years ago. I then went out to my hangar and sure enough, right above my airplane are this panels that let light in. If light is coming in so is UV rays. My point, keep this fabric treated even if in a hangar with transparent panels for light. This fabric will last longer or so they say anyway.


05-19-2016, 08:15 AM
Thanks for the info guys,as I religiously keep mine out of the sunlight as did the previous owner all I have on the sails are a few spots of hangar rash, so hopefully I'll get another 10 yrs. out of the sails. Oh, I do have some light panels in my hangar(old quonset) but they are a green fiber glass that act as a filter for the u.v. bared witness to by all the other things under it for the last 20 years.

crusty old aviator
05-19-2016, 09:19 AM
Rustoleum has a clear coat with UV inhibitor, in a spray can (works great on car headlight lenses), but I don't know what it would do to a dacron sail...you'd have to experiment with it.

05-31-2016, 05:05 PM
My sails have never been treated with anything except mild soap and water,but wow I used that 303 and they look amazing.I still have a couple stains from lubing some hinges and such but aside from some hanger rash and test punches they don't show their age at all. Thanks for the info.