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03-16-2015, 09:59 AM
I have in my shop a Sadler vampire. The aileron hinge is riveted directly to the .016 wing skin about 3" behind the rear spar. There is no reinforcement or or stiffeners. When you move or shake an aileron it sets up a waggle in the other aileron leading me to think this thing will flutter the way it is. It is licensed experimental amateur built and as the inspecting A&P there is no way I will let this go this way. I am looking for photos of the aileron bay and hinge or prints. I hate to reverse engineer something that may have been built incorrectly.

The company who bought the design is located in Australia and has since ceased doing business and has the production rights and such for sale.

Any Sadler Builders want to chime in?



04-14-2015, 08:46 AM
Unfortunately after opening the wings up I found significant damage mostly from trailering back and forth across the country. Cracked ribs, debonded ribs, Broken aileron and flap bay reinforcements and damaged wing skins. The engine has sat for 9 years and was not preserved and had not been run long enough to build up a good interior coating, so I am seeing bearing rust and corrosion. There are issues with the center section and pod. It is simply not worth saving at this point. With no availability of replacement parts the cost of having my shop basically build a new set of wings is simply out of reach for the customer. Lowell Farrand even agreed with me that it should be retired....

04-14-2015, 09:09 AM
Too bad. The next call you make is: 1-800-GOT JUNK

04-14-2015, 10:52 AM
That's a shame... they were cool looking planes and there aren't many of them left. Sounds like one I went to look at a few years ago. Along the way somebody had gotten the bright idea to extend the wings about 2' on each side... then to "strengthen" it they shoved wooden planks, looked like pressure treated deck boards, through the wings. The entire tail had been disassembled, supposedly with the intention of reverse engineering it. I decided to pass on it, even though I could have gotten it for probably $300. I remember noticing how flimsy the disassembled tail pieces looked, and I seem to recall the same flex in the aileron attachment, in fact I think the hinges were frozen so only the skin flexing was allowing them to move.