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08-14-2014, 06:49 AM
Motors on each side turn the Larger wing (Not Blade) This concept has been proven Time and Time again.3 Types of Axis control! Tail fin, surfaces above rotor hub and Mine on each side.A (Super) lifter.As a Unit would act like Car carrier.Using Auto as Cockpit & Power supply! See (Jet tip) rotor blades Hiller? you tube! You'll be a Believer? The larger wing produces more lift at lower r.p.m.s. Perfect for props.An easy Build Ounce you get Direction of rotation correct.1st prototype had to counter rotate motor and prop. on 1 side to achieve equal and desired Air flows.Reversed direction Problem (Solved).I Now use stock motor rotation and props. on both sides!! Question is? Can a (Smart) car learn to fly? I think so with Help from this Unit.Waiting on parts e.s.c.s for Typhoon Wing motors. Each wing is 4 ft. by 11 inches.This is a Great concept! Should have been invented after Car Horn contacts were? It's My (Solution to Pollution)! For Auto and Aircraft? Unplug and Drive off (Rover) style.Leaving the Unit at the Airfield or Parking lot? 2nd working prototype should be completed in about 2 months. Due to $$ No collective for Auto rotation.Another $$ issue Fixed pitch for now works between 5 and 10 degrees? E.V. would make a Comfy cockpit with All the Features needed and then some.Closed cabin,lights,wipers and safety features and more! G.P.S. would help with Navigation! Today's Heli's seem (Dyslexic) by comparison.Help me Fight Auto Pollution !!!!4111