View Full Version : A project of an inflatable aircraft

Anatolii K
02-27-2014, 11:46 AM
Hi anyone!
I want to introduce a project of a portable personal aircraft. Its design may look strange, but it should work and be an interesting thing.
For example, it should allow to fly into a tree’s canopy and pick up an apple from the upper branch (and then fly away, I mean). The use of inflatable structures makes it resilient against crushes in difficult situations – instead of breaking apart the apparatus just collapses, resuming its shape immediately after impact. Also, it allows to use it from a water surface. And the main feature is, in case of emergency, including not only the engine failure but also the destruction of the rotor and the loss of the pressure in inflatable elements it instantly, without involvement of any automation or electronics, just by the nature of its design becomes a parachute, providing much higher level of safety than ultralight personal helicopters do.
If someone is interested, details on site
Basically, I’m looking for sponsors, but any opinions are very welcomed also.

06-01-2014, 09:13 PM
Look up Goodyear Inflataplane. One example still exists. It is somewhere in Ohio. I used to see it at Fly ins at Barber Airport. It was a curiosity