View Full Version : Girls Learning To Flyue

Bill Greenwood
10-15-2013, 11:00 AM
There is a good story in the July 19 of Gen Av News, with photo.

There are two teenage girls standing next to a Champ, both holding their solo shirttails.
Gerald Griggs of Goddard, Kansas tells that his teenage daughter Janice and her best friend Andrea came to him saying both would be 16 in a few months. He taught them both to fly and even overcame objections from the insurance company: ie no one under 18 in a tailwheel airplane, no student pilots in antique airplanes, or student pilots in tailwheel,and even one that wanted them to switch to a paved runway.
So without insurance, a smart man would likely have cancelled the whole deal or delayed it.
Fortunately these girls had a loving Dad and friend, not a smart man.
Both soloed on their birthdays, in a 24 hour period.
Sometimes there are a few feel good stories left .
P S I bet the boys in school thought these girls were something special.