View Full Version : Career Path to Airlines

Bill Greenwood
06-08-2013, 09:52 PM
I just saw an interesting ad, which it calls the path to the airlines and the photo is of a commuter jet. The ad is from ATC.

For a student starting off from scratch, the cost is $65,000. For this you get private, commercial, instrument, multi and CFI.
Of course, this is a lot of money, but if one has the means and is really serious about having a flying career, this might be a good program. It guarantees two things, first a CFI job with the company and 2nd an interview with the airlines.

Of course, most airlines will want the applicant to have jet time, which is very expensive, but you need the other ratings first also.

The impressive thing is that they cover this in 150 days,they say, which is 5 months. Maybe they mean 150 instruction days, it doesn't say, and some students might take that long just to get a private, and some people can easily spend $10,000 by dragging out their private training or going to high dollar schools or FBOs.
I"m glad I don't have to pay for mine all over again.