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02-04-2013, 10:03 PM
Hi all,
I have been reading this forum for a while and now finally decided to join and thought I introduce myself.

What can I say .. I love flying. I took my first lesson when I was 20, then when I was 24, then when I was 33 and now 43, I am thinking about it again. Yep .. a total of three first lessons so far and thinking about the fourth. :D

I wanted to be a pilot since I was three, my parents claim that my first word was airplane. Up until I was twelve I was all set in my heart to become an airline pilot.
The (European) country I was living in back then had a very tiny air force and its purpose was questioned by everyone. They couldn't afford to have a plane up at all times (not enough planes) and by a plane was in the air and on intercept the potential thread would have already done its damage and moved on to a pina colada at the beach.
The plans were the oldest on the continent and more time was spent servicing them, than flying them. So really .. not many boys wanted to be an air force pilot.
To my knowledge nothing has changed in this regards in the country.
The dream of being a commercial pilot was crushed by mt dad when he told me that pilots can't be short sighted as glasses and contact lenses were not permitted. I still get angry with him when I think about this lie. :mad:

Every since my first lesson at the age of twenty, I have read and watched as much as I could and my passion lives on. Whenever I can - I try to pass on the motivation to take the first step to learn to fly.

I had repeated attempts on learning how to fly and there was always a good reason why I had to stop, usually associated with moving countries, increased demands of my job or just low on funds. I guess only the "moving countries" part was a real show stopper.

If you ask me what my dream would be: actually completing my quest to learn how to fly, getting my own plane and living in those communities where all the houses are around the one landing strip. Not sure my wife would like it, but then .. don't think that dream is in grasp - at least not all aspects of it.

Now .. here to my first question .. anyone here around from Brisbane who is learning or thinking about starting ? Would love to get some recommendations as to options in the area.

All the best

02-05-2013, 09:12 AM
It sounds as if you have done enough thinking and dreaming - now is the time for action! Stop over thinking it and get out to your local airport and ask around for an instuctor. Negotiate a price and schedule with him or her and get started! You have procrastinated enough...start now and if you don't finish before you should have to move again - no big thing - the time and knowledge will move with you.... Good luck - you'll love it!