View Full Version : EAA Chapters Commitment and Purpose

Trevor Janz
11-09-2012, 03:47 PM
Each month I receive a stack of over 900 chapter newsletters. I do read each and every one of them. It is great to get an overview of what our chapters are doing around the country and in Canada. Thank you for sending them.

I wanted to share this quote from Chapter 93 (Madison Wisconsin) president Rob Tweed wrote in his November newsletter column:

"For me the keys to our success can be boiled down to two words: Commitment and Purpose. Chapter 93 is blessed with a wonderful team of committed enthusiasts. Not only do we care deeply about aviation and its many areas of interest, we care about each other. Chapter 93 members understand there is more than fiberglass, rivets and welds that bonds our team.....we are like family. And this family goes back a long, long way. We also have a strong sense of purpose in our activities such as youth education and supporting new aviators." - Rob Tweed, Chapter 93 President 2012.

This really summed it up and hit the nail on the head Rob! Thank you and congratulations on your 50th anniversary as an EAA Chapter!

Blue skies!