View Full Version : Full size Sopwith Baby replica for sale, Rotec radial engine

11-02-2012, 07:35 PM
Yes, this is the Airdrome full size 1916 Sopwith Baby replica that was at Oshkosh, now detailed and repainted, LICENSED AND FLYING.The airplane weighs in at 890 pounds and has a 400 pound load and can still fly under LSA criteria. The Rotec is really a showpiece engine - beautiful to see and hear. New Rotec R-2800. The plane is airborne in about 300 - 350 feet on grass, and climbs very well. With the low weight and immense lift, it really likes to keep flying, but will softly stall at about 39 and immediately begin flying again with any pickup in speed. Low power cruise is 70 - 75 mph, which is about what the original flew at. A goal of this airplane was to replicate the experience of flying a WW1 original, so it also has the original control system including a rudder bar. That said, it is a very sweet little plane, and Robert's test pilot Harvey Cleveland said that this was the best flying airplane Airdrome has ever done.

She is easy to fly, easy to maintain, safe and reliable. I just have too many planes and I am now moving out of state.