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09-02-2012, 07:10 PM
I will never forget a friend-girl asking me why I fly.
How do you answer that?
I needed to fill her in on this.
This would even get her learning to fly.

This is a new way to get next to sea animals without tanks or a glass bottom boat.
Florida Pilot Center in KVRB Vero Beach, www.FloridaPilotCenter.com , will take up your non-pilot or pilot friend, girlfriend,
boyfriend, spouse, kid, neighbor's kid you're babysitting or someone who wants to start lessons on an "Eco-Flight: Safari From the Sky".

Chief Flight Instructor, Jerry takes you in one of FPC's spruced-up Piper Tomahawks or the 1982 Tomahawk II, up the beach From Vero Beach to Sebastian Inlet to see
Dolphins, Sea Turtles, Manatees in the Estuary, squadrons of large sea birds diving for lunch, thousands of sharks when they are migrating, and whales when they come by
and I have to tell you, it's a blast. He took me last weekend. The weather was gorgeous as usual here.
We flew up the beach and when we came to the inlet, we descended a few hundred feet until we were 75 -100? feet off the crystal clear
water and we were right off the beach about a mile. Jerry was so smooth on the turns and giving me perfect angles for my video camera.

The water now is 82 degrees and it's turquoise clear. You can see all the reefs. I felt like a National Geographic photographer or something.
He didn't even have to point them out; I instantly started spotting HUGE Sea Turtles paddling around, singularly and in groups of
2 or 3. They looked happy. I've flown around here 4 years and never did this. It was a great experience. I knew the place was a huge
mating and egg-laying destination for sea turtles but I never knew they just hung out over the reefs.

If someone is on the fence and want to learn to fly, this is one thing that will give them that extra boost to show them
one of the millions of beautiful things that you can only see from a small plane.