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  50. vertical take off and landing made easy, safe and cheap - www.tsvls.net
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  69. Is norman nuts?
  70. Need help with Ultralight in novel got to make it right
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  75. In know the info is out there about LSA training but...
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  82. where are the DAR EE
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  91. X/C to Airventure......who's in ?
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  95. Why 261 lbs on the E-Spyder???
  96. Best ultralight to accumulate flight hours for under3K
  97. writting the pilots hand book for an original design
  98. How about some reports about the UL activity at Airventure!
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  108. looking for the operators hand book of a Maxair Drifter 582
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  110. Quicksilver MX II serial number?
  111. Working with Aircraft Aluminum tubing.
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  118. Fabric vs Sals
  119. That LODA again...
  120. Can UL fly over populated areas near airports?
  121. V speeds / service ceiling for a Quicksilver
  122. Stall characteristics of a Quicksilver
  123. A project of an inflatable aircraft
  124. Wing sail replacement
  125. Ultralight Engine Options
  126. Advanced Aviation Cobra
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  132. Rotax 377 Mix or Oil Injection?
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  134. Is it now OK to shoot at aircraft? Does the FAA care about this?
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  142. Can someone recommend a 2-seat amphibious ultralight kit?
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  146. (Aeriane) SWIFT rigid hang glider
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  151. Part 103 "congested" & Part 91?
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  164. Butterfly gyroplane
  165. Part 103 to E-AB
  166. J-5 Super Kitten Rigging Data
  167. Why can't I register as an ultralight pilot without having had an instuctor.
  168. Ultralight or?
  169. Raceair Skylite?
  170. Preceptor N3 Pup
  171. Newbie, avenger questions
  172. Legal Part 103 single-seat trike as flying boat (like Polaris or Sea Trike)?
  173. Wanted Sadler Vampire wing drawings or photos
  174. Ultralight aluminum tube structure bolt and hole clearances.
  175. Name the gyro that delivered the mail!
  176. Trailering
  177. Performance 103 CS Weight shift Ultralight
  178. Is oil counted weight?
  179. FINALlY!!!!!
  180. Motorcycle Helmet?
  181. Opinion Blackshape PRIME - I WOULD BUY IT
  182. Spanish Ultralights Championship 2015
  183. Flying a Quicksilver MX Sprint
  184. New Quicksilver MX Prop
  185. rebuilding a ultralight biplane.
  186. Aventura 2 or Buc 2 airfoil shape
  187. My first U.L. an MX Sprint, need some maintenance advice
  188. Pterodactyl Ascender - Dimension Needed Please!
  189. Wufi 2015
  190. noob...
  191. Snowline redrive used on a Cuyuna engine
  192. electric powered ultralight
  193. Tierra owner needs advice
  194. Has anyone had good results rolling on latex paint on ultralights?
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  196. Wing fences and carburetors
  197. Wanted: Rotax 277 engine with "A" box
  198. Ultralight engine options
  199. Old wizard rebuilt with 3 axis controls this time.
  200. Anyone running a Kohler twin or other 4 stroke?
  201. aluminum tube bending...anyone?...
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  212. Buccaneer 2 trailing edge elevator tube replacement needed.
  213. Transition from flying LSAs to Ultralights
  214. Alive and well
  215. Anyone here have a Buccaneer 2 or Aventura 2?
  216. Keeping a Quicksilver type aircraft outdoors...
  217. Aventura Ultrlight landing gear failure
  218. Challenger single seater complete airframe for sale
  219. Ultralight / Sub 87 Kt. Sport Pilot Training
  220. Rotax 582 voltage issue
  221. Will a MZ201 work in a pusher aircraft? Is Compact Radial Engines still around?
  222. Has anyone ever converted a Quicksilver MX From Landing wires to struts?
  223. Rotax 912ULS Shortblock Strip and Rebuild Photo Gallery
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  225. Electric Belite!
  226. Choppergirl's DayGlo Cotton Candy Color Scheme for Dorothy
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  228. plane toyz car heater
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  230. Homebuilt Powered Paraglider Quad
  231. Wheel bearing swapping question
  232. Questions about mounting Subaru EH99 engine
  233. Ultralight options that can be trailered easily?
  234. Flaperon mechanical mixing
  235. Buckeye Paraplane
  236. Need help/advice about putting a wing cover on for a Pterodactyl Ascender
  237. Hanger Talk
  238. Where to buy new wing covers?
  239. Pre aileron Quicksilver Questions help sought.
  240. Rotax 377 Manual needed
  241. Anybody flying off the beaches in Florida
  242. Fat Ultralight
  243. Gyrocopters.. where to start?
  244. Compact Radial Engines out of business???
  245. What kind of ultralight is this??
  246. Looking for Ultralight Pilots who were Active 1978-1982 or so
  247. Air bike Tandem- getting started