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  • Dave Stadt's Avatar
    Today, 12:17 PM
    Last year it filled up the Sunday before the start in part due to lost parking space due to airport drainage construction. There is drainage...
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  • Wrongway Feldman's Avatar
    Today, 10:55 AM
    Todd, Can you tell us what are the "Several improvements" ? I'm not sure but I notice> Stream powered by CAMSTREAMER is this new? I'm showing 4...
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  • Auburntsts's Avatar
    Today, 10:54 AM
    I think historically Monday and Tuesday are the fullest days and the days with the highest risk for filling up, especially if the weather is bad on...
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  • CarlOrton's Avatar
    Today, 10:05 AM
    I've never parked/camped there myself, but riding the bus around the West end of 09-27, I'd say that Sunday AM there's still plenty of spaces; by...
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  • C130jake's Avatar
    Today, 10:01 AM
    My friends are trying to decide when to arrive in their Husky for under wing camping. 1st time flying in for them. I have only driven in and...
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    Today, 09:40 AM
    The three camera views are fantastic - sincere kudos to the whole AV/IT team. ...
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  • Floatsflyer's Avatar
    Today, 09:36 AM
    To go from seldom controlled traffic for 51 weeks to the busiest control tower in the world for 1 week is a dichotomy of epic proportions. Is it in...
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  • raytoews's Avatar
    Today, 09:10 AM
    raytoews replied to a thread Stall in a turn in Hangar Talk
    I agree, excellent discussion on a subject covered many times, but like recurrent training is good to re hash. What I notice is how often the lawyers...
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  • Bob Dingley's Avatar
    Today, 09:09 AM
    Bob Dingley replied to a thread Stall in a turn in Hangar Talk
    After thought: I have observed that those that are the sloppiest making coordinated turns are Helo pilots. Makes you want to scream when they let the...
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  • Bob Dingley's Avatar
    Today, 08:46 AM
    Bob Dingley replied to a thread Stall in a turn in Hangar Talk
    Great discussion. So far, no knows WHY the outside wing of an airplane in a coordinated turn will drop at the stall. (I am told in another thread...
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  • martymayes's Avatar
    Today, 07:51 AM
    martymayes replied to a thread Stall in a turn in Hangar Talk
    exactly! Anyone is free to seek out training beyond FAA minimum requirements. That applies to any class, category or segment of training. Doesn't...
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  • lkorona's Avatar
    Today, 07:31 AM
    lkorona replied to a thread 21 Days! in AirVenture Oshkosh
    Target Friday 7/20-Sunday 7/29 7:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m Stops - Bus Park, Red One Market West, and Target entrance The Outlet Shoppes at Oshkosh...
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  • Mike Kitslaar's Avatar
    Today, 07:29 AM
    There was a web cam at Pioneer airport for a long time. It was great to see the summer weekend activities there. Even during the winter you had the...
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  • PaulDow's Avatar
    Today, 07:25 AM
    PaulDow replied to a thread 21 Days! in AirVenture Oshkosh
    What is this huge industrial structure? It makes Ford's and EAA's own presence look rather puny in comparison.
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  • Bill Berson's Avatar
    Today, 07:01 AM
    It's easy to see there is little to no activity at Oshkosh 51 weeks of the year. Just watch the webcam for 30 minutes today. Yet the tower is there...
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  • dewi8095's Avatar
    Today, 06:44 AM
    dewi8095 replied to a thread 21 Days! in AirVenture Oshkosh
    Another bus question: Is there a regularly scheduled bus Mon-Sat that leaves the grounds bus stop and goes to WalMart or Target & return? ...
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  • WLIU's Avatar
    Today, 05:32 AM
    WLIU replied to a thread Stall in a turn in Hangar Talk
    The good news is that Ron and Bill are both examples that demonstrate that spins below 10,000' AGL are not instant death. An accidental spin at...
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  • Dana's Avatar
    Today, 05:09 AM
    One issue with dirt bike engines is the narrow powerband, all the torque is at the top and. On my paramotor it was a fine line between enough prop...
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  • Bill Berson's Avatar
    Yesterday, 10:37 PM
    Bill Berson replied to a thread Stall in a turn in Hangar Talk
    Yeah, my first accidental spin is burned in my memory. I was demonstrating slow flight and stalls in my Chief to a female coworker (who was also a...
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  • Bill Greenwood's Avatar
    Yesterday, 10:09 PM
    Bill Greenwood replied to a thread Stall in a turn in Hangar Talk
    "We do not see issues". I have never met a pilot who first thing in the morning said, "I think I wiil go out and kill myself today, " and by the way...
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  • rwanttaja's Avatar
    Yesterday, 09:07 PM
    rwanttaja replied to a thread Stall in a turn in Hangar Talk
    I've told this story multiple times...on my very first flight after getting my Private, carrying my very first passenger, I got into an accidental...
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  • Floatsflyer's Avatar
    Yesterday, 08:28 PM
    A senior EAA staff member told me years ago that very little activity occurs at Whitman the other 51 weeks of the year. So, unless you enjoy looking...
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  • Frank Giger's Avatar
    Yesterday, 08:23 PM
    Frank Giger replied to a thread Stall in a turn in Hangar Talk
    I dunno about the Great Plains biplane, but I did my spin training in a 7AC Champ at 3,500 feet AGL and it just wasn't a problem. No, we didn't have...
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  • robert l's Avatar
    Yesterday, 08:20 PM
    robert l replied to a thread 21 Days! in AirVenture Oshkosh
    Even better ! :thumbsup:
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  • robert l's Avatar
    Yesterday, 08:18 PM
    robert l replied to a thread Best GPS in Hangar Talk
    Willie's got me by about 14 years. Smart a$$ ! LOL ! I hope that's ok, I really thought it was funny ! Bob
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  • Kyle Boatright's Avatar
    Yesterday, 08:05 PM
    The webcam videos are awesome this evening. Perfect weather. But there should be a "Homebuilts" webcam. Either on the flightline or somewhere in...
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  • vaflier's Avatar
    Yesterday, 07:36 PM
    vaflier replied to a thread Stall in a turn in Hangar Talk
    Bill, I apreciate your concern for my safety but we all have different levels of acceptable risk. For me this experience was well within my personal...
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  • waltermitty's Avatar
    Yesterday, 07:31 PM
    Too late for me to come up with different tie downs before I leave. I have the "dog leash" type coupled with ratchet tie down straps for the...
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  • DRGT's Avatar
    Yesterday, 07:29 PM
    DRGT replied to a thread Stall in a turn in Hangar Talk
    I have never flown this airplane and I don't know its stall/spin characteristics. Further, I don't know any specifics about your flight - e.g. cg...
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  • Bill Berson's Avatar
    Yesterday, 07:14 PM
    Yes, I have an 8"X11" card filled with my week schedule. I wish there was a place on the Airventure website to see new arrival news. They told me...
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